Photo: Tupa

JOHNNY MIRANDA - since 1996

Photo: Tupa

Currently participates in Classic Dressage tests. Initiated his career in Interagro aged 15 as an apprentice and today he is one of the main riders at the picadeiro.

Responsible for the training of Stallions as Ofensor MV, Quínio, Profano, Noblíssimo Interagro and others.

From 2005 to 2007 had clinics with Johan Zagers , Belgian trainer established in Germany, together with Pia Aragão.

In February  2006 he made period of training in U.S.A. with Heather Bender and participated of the dressage season in  Florida assisting Pia Aragão with the horses Nirvana and Tufão Interagro.

Since then he has clinics with Heather Bender 3 times a year.

RODRIGO Diego Rodrigues - since 2001

He started as an apprentice and in just 2 years was promoted to "rider”.

Since 2004 he competes in Dressage.

He had clinics with Johan Zagers , Belgian trainer established in Germany, together with Pia Aragão from 2005 to 2007.

Currently he is the responsible together with Edmar Brito for the generations of 3/4 years old and for the barns of the young horses.


EDMAR BRITO - since 2001

Photo: Tupa

Started receiving tutoring at the age of 14, has presented mounted animals in auctions and has competed in dressage tests since 2004.

He had clinics with Johan Zagers , Belgian trainer established in Germany, together with Pia Aragão from 2005 to 2007.

Currently he is the responsible together with Rodrigo Rodrigues for the breaking of the generations of 3/4 years old and for the barns of the young horses.

He’s VALENTIM´s son, from Interagro´s Driving team, and brother of the groom Taís Brito


Patricia Gelain - since 2003

Photo: Tupa

Initiated in Interagro “kids riding school” in 2003. She is the first woman to join the team of the Picadeiro since of the beginning in 2005

Since 2006 she started to show horses in Auctions and to compete in dressage under the supervision of Pia Aragão.

Since then participates of Heather Bender Clinics 3 times a year.

She assists the breaking and training the horses of 3/4 years old generations.


Photo: Tupa

Initiated in Interagro “kids ridding school” in 2005.

Currently he assists JOHNNY MIRANDA training the stallions.

Monique Cristine Ferreira da Silva - since 2007

Photo: Tupa

Monique was born in 1986 and she is from Curitiba, State of Parana (South of Brazil).

She began riding when she was 11, starting in the jump, competing at 1.10 m high.

Around age 14 she started being interested in classical training. In search of improvement, she attended courses and clinics with some professionals in the sport, as Pia Aragão, Alexandria Wilson and Martina Brandes.

During two years she gave private lessons for beginners and worked horses at San Lorenzo Equestrian Center in Curitiba.

In 2007, gave riding lessons to children at “Horse Academy”, also in Curitiba.

Four months ago she gave up her journalism master in Curitiba and came to Interagro as rider with the aim to improve more in training, working with Pia Aragão and Martina Brandes. She intends to become a professional in this sport.

Luiz Donizete de Andrade - since 2008

Photo: Tupa

Luiz was born in 1964 and he is from Itapira - Brazil.

He began his work with horses in 1987 at the Purificacion Stud Farm, as responsible for break in, hoof trimming / horse shoeing. Was part of "Bailando o cavalo Andaluz," a show with Lusitano and Andalusian horses.

In 1997 he was invited to work at Das Mangueiras Stud Farm (Lusitano Horses), becoming responsible for the management, maintenance, breaking, first aid and assistance in reproduction.

In 2006 he went to Angola with 40 horses to teach technical training to the local police.

In 2007 he spent 90 days in Portugal to do an internship in training at "Morgado Lusitano" and switch techniques of breaking.

Since January 2008 he is part of Interagro’s team as rider and he is responsible for the breaking. He also shows foals in-hand at exhibitions and auctions.

His plans for the future include seeking improvement in classical dressage and participation in events of that sport.

Daiana Lima - since 2004

Initiated in the Interagro “kids ridding school”, Daiana was the second lady to join the picadeiro team.

She is Pia Aragão's groom and works straight with her.

In October of 2007 was temporarily moved away in virtue of her marriage, the first one realized at Interagro chapel, she was carried in a Interagro Driving car with a gray pair of horses conducted by Antonio Mariano de Souza.

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TAÍS BRITO - Since 2004

Initiated in the Interagro “kids ridding school” in 2004. At age16, she was incorporated in the Picadeiro team.

Works directly with Pia Aragão and Martina Brandes as the Dressage Horses’ Groom.

She is daughter of the driving groom Valentim and sister of the rider Edmar Brito.

Head Driver: ANTONIO MARIANO DE SOUZA - since 1988
Having been in Interagro for almost 2 decades, he used to work with the dairy cattle and, as this activity came to an end, he was transferred to the Haras. Head of the Picadeiro for more than 10 years, he took a period of training in Portugal with Jorge Souza in 1994 and a Driving Course at the Coudelaria de Alter in 1998. He dedicates himself to the whole range of Driving activities, from breaking foals to the most advanced training.
His first test in Brazil was a four-in-hand (4-horse traction), but these days, in the farm, he harnesses 6, 8 and 10 animals together.
Also, he now gives tutoring courses to coachmen and outer horses.

Groom: FABIO ROBERTO DA SILVA - since 2001

He is responsible for the maintenance of cars and harnesses, besides being a groom.

VALENTIM M. DE BRITO - since 1986

Initiated his career in Interagro still in the dairy cattle days. He was responsible for broodmares for more than one decade, being transferred to the Picadeiro in 2001 for breaking foals.

Because of his enormous sensitivity and excellent animal handling capabilities, he has been incorporated into the driving team in 2007.


APPRENTICES - They are children and grandchildren of our staff, some of them born in Interagro. They receive part-time training, so that they can keep up with school; the main condition to entitle them to work at the Picadeiro and to take riding lessons. The apprentices team starts in 2007 with Daiana Silva, Alexandre Souza, Luan Martins de Brito.

Luan Martins de Brito

Photo: Tupa

Born in 1992 and he is a student.

He began learning from Mauricio Delucchi and helping other riders part time.

Today he is 16, as he achieved more knowledge he has horses under his responsibility and helps in the breaking of foals.

He also started his career, participating in some events of dressage.

He intends to finish his studies and continues working as a rider at Interagro

Kids from the Interagro Riding School  

from left to right: Daiana Silva (14 years old), Taís Brito ( 13 years old), Patricia Gelain (18 years old)  and Alexandre Souza (9 years old). Photo: Zalberto

From left to right: Alexandre Souza, Daiana Silva, Mauricio Delucchi, Tais Brito and Luã Brito.
Photo: Interagro´s File


Jorge Vicente de Souza, was born in Portugal, 1968.

Horse Trainer, Professional Education, Disciple of the Portuguese Master Luís Valença. Regular Clinics with Master João de Oliveira, Clinics with the Olympic Rider Daniel Pinto, Clinics with the German International rider Martina Hannover

3 times European Champion of Working Equitation and European Vice Champion of Working Equitation, Individual – Montpelier, France.

From 1992 to 2005 managed the Picadeiro, Graduating riders, testing stallions and preparing horses to sell at auctions.

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